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Kari is equally effective one-on-one and in a group setting, and The Empowered Team community has deepened my commitment to continuous learning and personal growth. Her diverse educational background, insatiable love of learning, and clear coaching style has made me a better leader, a more strategic thinker, and an overall healthier individual!

-Lynn D.
Investor, President & Writer


This group has helped me push through obstacles with ease and assisted me with shifting my mindset to ensure my mental and physical health remain a priority.... I have more energy for my family, my clients and have started a plan to build my business!

-Nikki M.
Nurse Practitioner


I have used Kari's tools, programs and coaching for over 7 years and discovered that my age and mindset are no longer barriers to my physicality and growth. Her one-on-one executive coaching was the foundation I used to lead organizations through Covid.

-Claudia M.
Startup Strategist & CEO

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