I learned it and earned it.  I worked my way up to the top level in sport as a strength and conditioning coach, researcher and physiologist.   I landed my dream job at the Canadian Sport Institute Manitoba.  My role was to bring the best in the world in sport to their physical peak.  This meant years of grind and truly seeing what humans are capable of.  It also meant the privilege of helping many athletes make their dreams come true from making the team, to coming back from injury, all the way to the Olympics.

Due to lack of facilities and the fast-approaching 2008 Olympics, I decided to open my own training facility.  A 6000 square foot functional training centre before it was cool.  Heart and passion weren't a problem.  Finances were.    Despite being a single mom without family close by, I followed my heart and founded Empower Conditioning in 2005.  I had already been coaching individuals and athletes for 10 years but starting my own business was a completely different endeavour and there was no turning back!

It was the beginning of coaching, mentoring, presenting and employing.  Business brought me the amazing privilege of connecting with the best and doing it my way.  I opened and grew the business in Manitoba and eventually moved it to London Canada after living and working in Turkey.  I married my husband Paul, we blended our families, moved to London Ontario and brought a new baby into our family- all while relocating the business. 

Together with my husband and incredible coaches, we grew Empower Conditioning into a training centre that brought athletes and achievers to their goals in physicality, career and life.

The 16 year journey of entrepreneurship brought massive learning as well as intentional growth toward the science of behaviour change and life coaching.  This was a necessary change.  I was coaching clients more and more in life, communication and mindset skills that had made such a huge difference for me.

Business change, growing pains, marriage challenges, blended family with 5 kids led to burnout from over working and neglecting myself.  I love nature yet I wasn't in it.  I did all the things except be kind to myself.  I worked really hard but wasn't recovering since I was serving everyone but me. I had to make the changes to save my health, my marriage and have the life I really wanted.   Like I said... I learned it and earned it.

I read as many books I could find to study growth, mindset and self mastery.  I enrolled in courses and studied behaviour change, holistic wellness, business and life coaching.  I was already an expert in physical coaching and I spent over 25 years mastering and coaching behaviour change- it was time to help more people in a new way.  I made the tough decision to close my brick and mortar business and transition to business consulting and leadership coaching.

Now we are the Empowered and have transitioned be online to help more people reach their performance goals in ways that are congruent to today's demands.  We coach live, through video courses or with our favourite mode being our destination retreats; the RESET and the Zenith (we love growing to our best in Nature)!

I am so excited to help more people be the best version of themselves for an experience of life that is fuller and deeper than they could have imagined.

Catch Paul and I jumping off of big rocks, training hard, living big, loving nature, serving others and continually growing into our best.  Now you know a little more about me... I can't wait to get to know you!  Grow with us.


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We need to take care of each other and the world. I love empowering people to take care of their mind, body and spirit to show up as their best for their goals, each other and the planet. There's a lot to unpack, let's start this beautiful journey together!

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give"


-Sir Winston Churchill