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This is the event to renew, refresh and GROW to your BEST.  Choose your format.  In-person.  Online.  Business Leadership.

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Let's get honest.  We all get in our own way.  Coaching solves that.  Objective professionals who tell the truth for your benefit launch you into real action.

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From online custom training programs to specialized life performance coaching, you will have the tools you need to reach your goals.

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What can you expect when you are on the Empowered TEAM?

It is our ongoing monthly group coaching and accountability program.  We take mindset and physical performance concepts and break them down to usable action steps that optimize RESULTS!  This is how you continue as your BEST for the long haul.  You can count on the following:


Being in a community with a common love of health and growth provides powerful inspiration.

Performance Power

For best performance and energy, the science, expertise and coaching provide the edge. 


Become unstoppable as you expand and learn.  Get coached with the best mindset tools for limitless results.

It's all about YOUR Best Performance!


I'm Kari, and I've been in love with growth for my entire career!  I've been a mindset and physical coach to high performers such as National level athletes, Olympians and corporate clients for over 25 years.  Join me  and the TEAM to grow to your new BEST.


More About Us
Peter  S.

CEO | Veteran Marketer

"...after I found Empower, Kari understood me as a person and an athlete. I'm not only faster, more explosive and stronger at 33 than any other time in my life but we finally won a championship!  I would recommend Kari/Empower for anyone serious about accomplishing goals.  Genuinely a game changer for me on and off the field "

Nikki M. 

Track | Nurse Practitioner

"This group has helped me push through obstacles with ease and assisted me with shifting my mindset to ensure my mental and physical health remain a priority.... I have more energy for my family, my clients and have started a plan to build my business!"

Lynn D.

President | Entrepreneur

"In order to be my best self, I knew I needed coaching in each of these areas, and Kari Schneider has provided practical, impactful insights and learnings into each and every one of them.

Her diverse educational background, insatiable love of learning, and clear coaching style has made me a better leader, a more strategic thinker, and an overall healthier individual."

Be your BEST to GIVE your BEST


As achievers we want results.  To have our best in life it starts with our mindset and optimal energy.  Then the growth is unstoppable!

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