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Self-Mastery for Leaders

is what the Empowered Team Podcast is all about.  Leadership Consultant, Kari Schneider, interviews experts, delivers research and creates motivating content to keep Leaders thriving.  The Olympic and professional levels of sport became the example of excellence and leadership for Kari and she uses those lessons for leaders in business and life. 

If you want the mindset, evidence and actions for success in all aspects of leadership- listen in! 

Be your best to give your best to your team in business and life.  The Empowered TEAM Podcast is for you.

Empowered Team Podcast
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with people such as nutrition coaching expert Dr. John Berardi (photo from interview in Muscle Intelligence) and NFL Athlete and motivational speaker Harvie Herrington.

Olympic medalists, coaches, broadcasters, individual & team sport athletes give their lessons in overcoming adversity.  Lessons that we can all learn from to develop resiliency and cultivate our best.

Mindset Monday and Monthly Topics

Kari & Paul - Attachment

Together we explore topics from our individual perspectives.

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Mindset Monday - Growth or Fixed Mindset

These short episodes are designed to kick your week off with a great start.

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Kari - When Coaching Sucks

Honest topics from a coach's perspective.

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BE your Best to GIVE your Best to those You Lead.

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Marathon Olympian - Lanni Marchant